Imagine a consultant to your organization who is as passionate about your
success as you are.  

Imagine the hard work, the unfailing persistence, the attention to detail.  

Introducing Sandy Katz Consulting, an innovative organization that handles
philanthropic advising, program development and management, strategic
planning, organizational development, and resource development - both
human and financial.

Depending on your specific needs, Katz Consulting can lead you to success in the following areas:

  • Philanthropic Advising - We can help philanthropists identify recipients, vet charities and
    measure results.  Let us help you with the due diligence posing the questions that need to
    be asked and measuring the impact of your philanthropy.

  • Program Development - We can formulate the programmatic response to changing external
    factors such as competition, limited resources, declining membership, and changing

  • Program Management - Once developed, all programs, but particularly innovative ones,
    require ongoing leadership and management.  Trust us to provide high quality
    implementation worthy of your organization.

  • Strategic Planning - With a focus on the future, we can lead a disciplined effort to produce
    fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what your organization is, what it
    does, and why it does it.  Call us to assist you in articulating your vision, interpreting
    population and attitudinal data, interviewing key stakeholders, mapping routes toward your
    objective, and increasing your organization’s efficacy.

  • Organizational Development - We will help you envision the organizational structure which
    will deploy resources to successfully carry out your competitive strategy.

  • Resource Development

    Human - Human resources, both professional and volunteer, are your most valuable asset.  
    We can partner with you in ensuring the maximum benefit is derived from these individuals.  
    From board development to employee conflict, we can address the issue at hand.

    Financial - Whether your revenues come primarily from foundations, grants, direct mail, other
    vehicles or a combination thereof, let us help you identify ways to increase your financial
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